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Window Tinting 


Control Heat - UV - Glare - Fading

Heat - UV - Glare

Four most common things that people get so annoyed with. Let us help you with this problem. We have hundreds of films to choose from and suit you best. We have clear films to completely black out films to pick from, every situation is different. 

Beauty, safety, & protection


It's amazing what a thin layer of film can do for your home. Window films are offered in a variety of styles and hues, giving you the freedom to design as bold or as subtle as you'd like.


Extend the life of valuable furnishings
The sun can take a costly toll on your fabrics, furniture, rugs and art. Window films block out up to 100% of damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your furnishings, and keeping them looking new for years to come.

Lower your heating and AC costs
You'll find the energy savings attractive as well. Manufacturer window films reflect the summer’s hot sun, reducing AC costs. And, in the winter, they prevent inside heat from escaping through your windows, reducing your heating bills.

Beauty, Safety, & Protection

Safety/Security Films

Safety Films

Safety & Security Window Films help reduce the risk of personal injury, property damage and loss caused by natural disaster and crime. Available in a wide range of tint, style and grades, our films are specially designed to deter everything from the high winds of hurricanes to the costly eyesore of graffiti. And we back every one of our enduring film solutions with a manufacturer’s warranty that is second to none. 

Anti-Graffiti  films

Vandalism is more than just a nuisance and eyesore, it's also a huge financial drain to public and private budgets. The cost of repeatedly replacing windows and glass that has been scratched up or marked with spray-paint can end up being prohibitive, not to mention time consuming and disruptive. When vandals do strike, it won't be permanent. The window stays put, and just the film is replaced, way below what would be to replace a whole window.


Guide to Comparing Particular Properties

Measures of Effectiveness For Preventing Fading:

Ultraviolet (UV) RejectionHigher is better

Total Solar Energy RejectedHigher is better


Measures of Effectiveness For Day Lighting:

Visible Light TransmissionHigher is better


Measures of Effectiveness For Energy Savings:

Total Solar Energy RejectedHigher is better

Shading CoefficientLower is better


Measures of Effectiveness For Reducing Heat Gain:

Total Solar Energy RejectedHigher is better

Shading CoefficientLower is better


Measures of Effectiveness For Preventing Glare:

Visible Light TransmissionLower is better

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